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Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a Saturday night.

Usually I go out on Saturday nights and I spend time with friends, but tonight I felt the urge to write something... Something creative or poetic. I searched through my room for a notebook I could use. I have many notebooks, but I was looking for a special journal of mine. I realized it is missing for good, and I could not decide what notebook to write in tonight. (Yes, it matters to me). Then I came across a small piece of paper with "blog stuff" scibbled across the top. There was a short list of emails and pass words... I guess I had made a blog once upon a time. I went online to test this blog out, and the account was inactive, so I decided to make another blog for the heck of it. A fresh, new blog. (Maybe I will actually use this one!) So I am typing this just to test it out.
I don't know if anyone will read my blogs, I'm not really sure if I care. It would be interesting if someone somehow came across it and read it every now and then... but how do people come across blogs? How are they found? I guess I'll just post a link to my blog on my face book profile... just in case anyone cares to read it. You never know.
I used to question the idea of a blog. I never understood why people blog or why they love it... but as I sit here, tired and drained of energy, I do say it is a lot easier then writing a lot! :D Haha. Maybe this will be fun, maybe I will end up liking to blog.
{Let me say, I did not create a blog to criticize or talk gossip about people I cannot stand. I'm not that type of person. I won't be putting my own poems or writings up here because I am afraid of people taking my ideas... it's very possible}
But now I am going to do school work (and maybe write a poem) since I hardly worked on anything today because I was at a swim meet until 3pm... -sigh- I'll type more about myself tomorrow or another day.

So, good night!

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