Here in your arms...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm moving to France!!!

This has really been a wild week so I have not been blogging... we (the cast for our high school musical and I) have been very, very busy putting the show together! :) It was a lot of fun. Opening night was Thurs. and we pulled off an awesome 3 shows this weekend.

Today, I went out to eat with a few family and family friends. We talked about interesting conspiracies within America's government. for example, the one that shocked me the most is when the goverment tested crack in the ghetto on black people to see how it would impact them... what bastards...

I really want to move to France when I am older. that's it. I'll study more French in college and become fluent in the language! I'm sick of the hipocrisy in this country, really. The CIA and the DEA are dirty organizations.... we'll talk more about that later. now I need to catch up on a lot of school work :(

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sad Face.

Well... about those birds of mine... :( I think something happened to the egg/baby. I came home today and noticed neither Fred II nor Erzulie were in the nest. So I thought, "Oh gee, maybe the baby hatched!!!" But I don't think that's the case. I saw what looks like half of an egg shell at the bottom of the cage... but I don't see any bird. I'm guessing that somehow the egg fell out of the nest (which is weird because the nest is like a small, covered basket, so I don't know how it could have fallen).
So that's that. No baby bird... But maybe Fred II and Erzulie will try again :/

~~~What's new?
Although this week went by extremely slow, I had a few good past few days! At my school, a clud I'm in, Delta, hosted some assemblies on treating others with respect and all that jazz. So, I missed a few classes (: The homework load was extremely light this week!
let me try to think of something that isn't boring...
Ahhh, I know- I think I'm going to junior prom with someone this year! I wasn't planning on going, but my friends hooked me up with a sophomore that wants to go to the j. prom. I'll take him so he can go, why not.

-I have to go do chores!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Birds & the Babies

So, guess what? I actually have something to blog about now! Just yesterday, I discovered that our two finches {Erzulie and Fred II} are having a baby!!! It's so exciting, I just can't help but have a happy and estatic feeling about it! See, I noticed yesterday Erzulie wouldn't come out of her nest. So, I thought to myself, "Oh my God, maybe she's finally going to have a baby!" I waved my hand by the cage to frighten her just a little, so she flew out and there it was... a little egg in the nest... it's SO TINY and has a tint of light blue...
I'm so happy, I can't stop thinking about it. Life is just so beautiful!
~I really hope the baby bird hatches and lives. I know that sometimes, animals just don't have a chance. You never know, something could go wrong :( So I REALLY hope it's going to be a healthy bird that will live and grow up :D we have to take super good care of the birds, because I want it to live. {obviously, I know}.
So far, all brid activity seems ok. Fred II just went into the nest to join Erzulie. I never see her leave the nest anymore... I hope she comes out every now and then to take a bath and eat. Oh. now Fred II is outside the nest, like a little gaurd :3 it's so cute.
I'll blog more about their activity!

Other than that, nothing is really new. School is still the same... Lately, I've been trying to do a lot of running and other exercises to get fit and in shape since I'll be doing track :) ~just for the sake of exercise. And, I'm in the musical All Shook Up for the high school, and the show is at the end of this month. I'm really nervous because we have so much to work on... how is this all going to be put togther on time? it's stressing me out D: but it will be a pretty decent show!

Good bye for now

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I don't understand...

You know... a lot of people tend to say "I HATE PEOPLE!" And, I wonder... why hate the whole human race? I can only think of certain people this world would be awesome without *cough*MEN*cough* ~hahaha. ;) But really... I just think there are way too many awesome people on the planet to hate aaallll of the people.
So, I've been thinking... I kinda want to be practice buddhism!! :D It's such a beautful religion, it really is.
Eh. Actually, not a whole lot is on my mind right now. At least, not a lot of stuff I'm willing to put on the internet. Some life situations are just too personal.

I'll type more when I have something interesting to talk about!

"TTFN!!!! Ta ta for now!" -Tigger. :)