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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I don't understand...

You know... a lot of people tend to say "I HATE PEOPLE!" And, I wonder... why hate the whole human race? I can only think of certain people this world would be awesome without *cough*MEN*cough* ~hahaha. ;) But really... I just think there are way too many awesome people on the planet to hate aaallll of the people.
So, I've been thinking... I kinda want to be practice buddhism!! :D It's such a beautful religion, it really is.
Eh. Actually, not a whole lot is on my mind right now. At least, not a lot of stuff I'm willing to put on the internet. Some life situations are just too personal.

I'll type more when I have something interesting to talk about!

"TTFN!!!! Ta ta for now!" -Tigger. :)

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